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If you are an aspiring TV host or video blogger in need of on camera guidance, or a professional television broadcaster looking to improve your craft so you can land your dream job, Dave wants to work with you, no matter where you live. 


Through personal one-on-one coaching sessions Dave will use his 20 years of television hosting experience to help you become a captivating and dynamic on camera performer. You will learn vital skills like finding your voice, connecting with your audience, becoming an expert interviewer and handling challenging situations with poise. Plus, Dave can help you create a demo reel, ace your next audition and so much more.

The on camera coaching sessions will be videotaped (but not aired) so we can review the material together and chart your progress. 


If you live in South Florida we'll conduct our sessions in person. If you live outside the region we can conduct the sessions via Skype, WhatsApp, etc ...


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Melissa Marrero says:


Without Dave, I wouldn’t be where I am today. When I started working at the CW, he instantly made me feel comfortable with being on camera and understood I was totally new to the game. Knowing I had very little on-camera experience, he immediately gave me tips I still use today (one year later). Not only is he one of the best mentors, but I also consider him one of my good friends. You won’t regret working with Dave! 

- Melissa Marrero, TV Host The CW South Florida

Troy Hazard says:


For 20 years I have had the privilege of broadcasting somewhere in the world, most weeks. Some days when you walk into a studio for an interview it really is a case of ‘choose your own adventure.' Unless you’re being interviewed by Dave Aizer. He’s prepared, he’s on his game, he’s funny, he’s sharp, and he takes you on a journey that he knows will get the best out of you as a guest and deliver a great experience to the audience. If you’re looking to sharpen your interview skills, as a guest or a host, then Dave is the sharpest tool in the shed. 

- Troy Hazard, consultant, entrepreneur, bestselling author

Rick & Chris Riveron

We took a class and it was awesome. Mr. Dave is really fun and funny, and he has a lot of knowledge as a TV host. He gave us fun ideas and we liked how he went through our videos and gave us feedback and tips. Thank you Mr. Dave!

- Riveron Twins, Prominent South Florida Vloggers 


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