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Business owners, executives and entrepreneurs, Dave wants to work with YOU!

Through one-on-one executive coaching sessions with you (or group sessions with your company), Dave will teach you to be a captivating public speaker, an expert communicator, a powerful promoter, a dynamic guest on television and a compelling vlogger. You will learn vital skills to help you master your nerves, deliver your message with conviction, be engaging and warm on camera, give an incredible speech and so much more. 

You will no longer dread speaking on television, or in front of a group. Instead, you will love the experience and look forward to it. 

Media coaching sessions will be videotaped (but not aired) so we can review the material together and chart your progress. Whether you live in South Florida or outside the region, Dave can be available to conduct the sessions in person. Additionally he can conduct them via Skype, WhatsApp, etc ... 

Individual rates and group pricing are available. 

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Executive Coaching Testimonials

Sara Ajna says:

While working with Dave on my very first interview for my children's book "You Are The You-niverse" I felt extremely nervous at first, but Dave was so great at calming my nerves and helping me through it! It was an unforgettable moment and I commend Dave on his expertise! Such a wonderful guy and not to mention how grateful I am to have made a new friend!

- Sara Ajna, Entrepreneur & Author of "You Are The You-niverse"

Duree Ross says:

I’ve worked with Dave for many years. His knowledge of the broadcasting industry is second to none. He is incredibly personable, which puts his guests at ease, and his professionalism shines. Whether you are looking to sharpen your on-camera skills or need a complete introduction to being comfortable on-camera, Dave has you covered. I highly recommend him.

- Durée Ross, President of Durée & Company Public Relations

Justin Seedman says:

One of the best things I did was hire Dave Aizer for private coaching sessions. I learned practical strategies that I was able to implement immediately. My vlog is the best it's ever been. I'm getting more views, long watch times, and growing my following! Thanks Dave! 

- Justin Seedman, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Behavior Change Specialist www.justinfit.com


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