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For many people, public speaking is their greatest fear. The mere mention of those words sends shivers down their spines. But let's face it, there will probably be a time when you have to get up in front of people and speak. So rather than stress out and obsess about it, wouldn't it be great to actually look forward to it!

Whether you're delivering a wedding toast, speaking at a corporate function, or you're part of a panel of keynote speakers, Dave's public speaking coaching will equip you with the skills you need to deliver an incredible and memorable public speech. From eye contact to vocal inflection to the tone and length of your speech, Dave will cover everything you need to know. He can even help you write your speech. And he can do this in person, or remotely, depending upon where you live. 

The public speaking coaching sessions will be videotaped (but not aired) so we can review the material together and chart your progress. 


 If you live in South Florida we'll conduct our sessions in person. If you live outside the region we can conduct the sessions via Skype, WhatsApp, etc ... 


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A recent speech Dave gave

Dave is a stage 3 melanoma survivor. Here's a portion of a speech he gave to a group of students from a Melanoma Advocacy Group. This part of the speech documents his diagnosis, his surgeries and the emotional roller coaster that followed.  


Jeff Schultz says:

Dave Aizer is a master speaker, whether interviewing a guest live on TV, hosting an event or speaking to a crowd on a topical subject. He can make you laugh, make you cry, and you always walk away more informed and a little smarter!

- Jeff Schultz, Southeast Florida Board Chair, American Cancer Society

Nikki Levine says:

Before Dave’s media coaching, I was petrified to be on camera.  Prior to my first television taping, I was in a full sweat!  I am not sure that I even spoke in complete sentences.  While working with Dave, he continuously made me feel comfortable and supplied me with tools and tips on how to best present myself.  I felt he sincerely cared about my hesitations which allowed me to trust him as my media coach. His incessant energy and passion for media coaching are truly contagious and he has transformed my on-air presence completely. I have become a much better public speaker and now love being on camera! Thanks for everything, Dave! 

- Nikki Levine, Health Coach & Behavior Change Specialist, Brandwein Institute For Nutrition & Wellness


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