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Alan Weeks says:

  Dave Aizer and Elite Media Coaching are nothing short of excellent. I had to prepare for a couple of presentations, felt a little overwhelmed and unprepared. By the end of our sessions, I was ready to own the room! Dave's genuine concern for his clients, his patience and graciousness with his time are second to none, not to mention is a super nice guy! Look no further than Elite Media Coaching!


- Alan Weeks, President NuAvenue Assets

Elizabeth Costa de Rusch says:

I’m a terrified public speaker, so when I was asked to sit on a panel for a very large conference- I panicked.  I was so happy to have been introduced to Dave as a media coach.  He was absolutely fantastic.   Dave coached (and calmed) me through the whole process. ... I will definitely be calling Dave for my next big public speaking appearance and will highly recommend him to all of my colleagues.

– Elizabeth Costa de Rusch, Advocacy Director Bacardi USA

Peggy Marker says:

I was thrilled to be asked for an interview by Fox Business Network, but was completely out of my depth having never interviewed for Live TV. Dave did an incredible job of prepping me. He covered all the bases, everything from going through potential questions, body posture, how to speak to the camera, etc. With Dave's coaching I was able to feel confident in my ability to handle the live interview. Thanks to Dave it turned out to be a wonderful experience. ... and in less than 24 hours I was asked to do another live segment. 

- Peggy Marker, President Marker Construction

Rebecca Silva says:

We had a great experience working with Dave. Four of our executives had 1-on-1  coaching with him and we could see results on the same day of the session. I totally recommend a session, specially if you have a big presentation or meeting coming up as Dave can support you to prepare for that. It is also very useful if you just want to train your general skills.

- Rebecca Silva,  Executive Assistant To The CEO at Americas at AXA Partners

Geno Roefaro says:

I went to Dave to help me become more polished and feel more comfortable on-camera. Dave is an excellent coach and helped me feel like a pro on-camera. Learning from someone as experienced as Dave was a privilege. He was very patient and worked at my pace. I really appreciate what I learned from Dave and I highly recommend his consulting services if you are looking to start or improve your on-camera skills. 

 - Geno Roefaro, President AppDevelop.Com 

Kristin Smith says:

Dave is a rare find in this business; funny, charismatic, smart, quick-witted with a “try anything” type of attitude. He’s the A team. He’s a broadcasting pro, with a fun, edgy approach to teaching. For individuals looking to develop their skills and make their mark on the TV industry, working with Dave is your best game plan!

- Kristin Smith, Dave’s former co-host & the current host of “Top 30”

Melissa Marrero says:

Without Dave, I wouldn’t be where I am today. When I started working at the CW, he instantly made me feel comfortable with being on camera and understood I was totally new to the game. Knowing I had very little on-camera experience, he immediately gave me tips I still use today (one year later). Not only is he one of the best mentors, but I also consider him one of my good friends. You won’t regret working with Dave! 

- Melissa Marrero, TV Host The CW South Florida

Sara Ajna says:

While working with Dave on my very first interview for my children's book "You Are The You-niverse" I felt extremely nervous at first, but Dave was so great at calming my nerves and helping me through it! It was an unforgettable moment and I commend Dave on his expertise! Such a wonderful guy and not to mention how grateful I am to have made a new friend!

- Sara Ajna, Author "You Are The You-niverse"

Justin Seedman says:

One of the best things I did was hire Dave Aizer for private coaching sessions. I learned practical strategies that I was able to implement immediately. My vlog is the best it's ever been. I'm getting more views, long watch times, and growing my following! Thanks Dave!

- Justin Seedman, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Behavior Change Specialist www.justinfit.com

Nikki Levine says:

Before Dave’s media coaching, I was petrified to be on camera.  Prior to my first television taping, I was in a full sweat!  I am not sure that I even spoke in complete sentences.  While working with Dave, he continuously made me feel comfortable and supplied me with tools and tips on how to best present myself.  I felt he sincerely cared about my hesitations which allowed me to trust him as my media coach. His incessant energy and passion for media coaching are truly contagious and he has transformed my on-air presence completely. I have become a much better public speaker and now love being on camera! Thanks for everything, Dave! 

- Nikki Levine, Health Coach & Behavior Change Specialist, Brandwein Institute For Nutrition & Wellness

Troy Hazard says:

For 20 years I have had the privilege of broadcasting somewhere in the world, most weeks. Some days when you walk into a studio for an interview it really is a case of ‘choose your own adventure.' Unless you’re being interviewed by Dave Aizer. He’s prepared, he’s on his game, he’s funny, he’s sharp, and he takes you on a journey that he knows will get the best out of you as a guest and deliver a great experience to the audience. If you’re looking to sharpen your interview skills, as a guest or a host, then Dave is the sharpest tool in the shed. 

- Troy Hazard, consultant, entrepreneur, bestselling author

Jason Harper says:

Dave Aizer is true professional with a vast amount of television experience.  While working with Dave on the award-winning live action children's show "Slimetime Live", it became quickly evident that he had all of the qualities which bring ratings success to any production.  Dave is incredibly talented with interviewing anyone about anything - from A-list celebrities to everyday people - he makes everyone feel special as he gets to the parts of the story that matter most. He has great confidence, ad-lib ability and a natural on-camera presence, while the combination of his experience as a host, writer and producer make him an outstandingly well-rounded professional.  I recommend Dave Aizer to anyone seeking to build a television career, or take their career to the next level.  Learn from the best.

 - Jason Harper, award winning Producer/Director 

Heather Monahan says:

Dave worked with me to improve my on camera presence and it worked! He taught me how to be comfortable on air and that changed everything.

- Heather Monahan, Author  "Confidence Creator" & Founder "Boss In Heels" 

Jeff Schultz says:

Dave Aizer is a master speaker, whether interviewing a guest live on TV, hosting an event or speaking to a crowd on a topical subject. He can make you laugh, make you cry, and you always walk away more informed and a little smarter! 

- Jeff Schultz, Southeast Florida Board Chair, American Cancer Society

Rick & Chris Riveron say:

We took a class and it was awesome. Mr. Dave is really fun and funny, and he has a lot of knowledge as a TV host. He gave us fun ideas and we liked how he went through our videos and gave us feedback and tips. Thank you Mr. Dave!

- Riveron Twins, Prominent South Florida Vloggers 

Ron Daratany says:

I would highly recommend Dave Aizer and Elite Media Coaching if you are an aspiring TV Personality, Social Media Maven, Public Speaker or just looking to improve your communication skills. From my first TV appearance to my last, there was a significant improvement in the quality in which I shared relevant information utilizing my true personality. His training wasn’t just limited to TV as I utilize his coaching on a daily basis, communicating with various types of people within the business community. A true professional and a genuinely good guy, Dave Aizer will improve your skills, regardless of the application!

- Ron Daratany,  Owner/Operator Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice-Cream

Gabrielle DiTommaso says:

I'm a real estate agent here in the Ft Lauderdale area. I hired Dave to help me become a better communicator in my day to day life. I do a lot of videos and social media for my business and I was never comfortable doing them. Dave helped me overcome my fears of speaking on video and helped me feel more confident speaking to clients. He has truly helped turn all my business ideas into solid action due to being confident in speaking and more confident in myself. Dave was extremely patient with me during this process, he took the time that was needed with me without ever making me feel rushed. I highly recommend Dave to anyone. You will not be disappointed! 

-  Gabrielle DiTommaso,  Realtor Associate Infinity Properties

Karen Dennis says:

My clients love being featured on TV. But some do not have the skills to make their TV appearance memorable. Dave has worked with two of my clients as a media coach and both agreed their session(s) with him made a difference. The butterflies may still be there but they now have the confidence to use what he taught them to promote themselves and their practice. 

- Karen Dennis,  KSD Public & Media Relations 

John Paquet says:

 Dave is a true pro with a great on camera presence and personality.  Always versatile, he possesses great depth as an interviewer and feels just as comfortable talking to the big-name athlete as he does a ten-year-old kid.  Perhaps his biggest attribute is that he understands production and will go the extra mile to get the extra interview, soundbite or shot to make the show the best it can be – and that is truly appreciated.


- John Paquet, Sr. Coordinating Producer at ‎Intersport 

Rich Barry says:

Dave Aizer is one of the best hosts, live or otherwise, in the  business.  He's quick on his feet, knows how to recover from an  unexpected surprise, and always brings it home.  He's coached a number  of Nickelodeon talent through the years, and they've all come out  stronger hosts.  He's a natural.  

 - Rich Barry,  VP/Creative Director at Viacom International Media Networks

Ashley Moss says:

When I met Dave, I was just a college student with a dream of becoming a television host and after working with him, I’m confident that I now have the necessary tools to make that dream a reality. Dave is patient, energetic and genuinely cares about helping you reach your full potential – he’s a great teacher.  I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to take the next step in his or her career. 

- Ashley Moss, TV Host “Generation Nexxt National Youth Sports Network” 

Richard Davis says:

While doing my research for a hosting audition, I came across Elite Media Coaching. Dave utilized the full hour to Skype like no other acting coach has ever done before.  He was so efficient and easy to work with.  Dave even gave a little extra time to make sure I had my best performance.  The results were frankly, quite amazing!  I am thrilled to say that I am now the 2018 Canadian Joey Awards Red Carpet Host.  Thanks Dave!

- Richard Davis, 14 yr old Actor, Writer, Stand-up Comedian

Randy Carr says:

Dave, thank you so much for your time and attention to my coaching – The sessions were fun, and the environment was comfortable. I have done a few different sessions with a few different coaches – and by far yours was the most effective.

- Randy Carr, CEO/President World Emblem International

Duree Ross says:

I’ve worked with Dave for many years. His knowledge of the broadcasting industry is second to none. He is incredibly personable, which puts his guests at ease, and his professionalism shines. Whether you are looking to sharpen your on-camera skills or need a complete introduction to being comfortable on-camera, Dave has you covered. I highly recommend him.

 - Durée Ross, President of Durée & Company Public Relations 

Donald Russell says:

Dave is one of the best coaches and mentors I’ve worked with. He’s helped me successfully overcome road blocks and barriers I could not do on my own. If you need a coach to help you achieve goals and accomplishments in any industry, Dave is the man to call! I can’t thank him enough for the journey he has helped me strive for! 

- Donald Russell, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Former NFL Player

Ana Castillo says:

Dave, your expertise gave me confidence!  You are a master in your trade!  Thank you for sharing a little bit of your talent with me!  Thank you for helping me improve. Let's keep working together, you're my secret weapon. 

- Ana Castillo, Marketing & Event Specialist JM Family/JM Lexus

Avivit Ben-Aharon says:

Dave not only walked me through the entire interview process for my company "Great Speech" beforehand, he also did a wonderful job of making me feel prepared and comfortable in front of the camera! Thank you Dave for your expertise and being so welcoming during our time together. 

- Avivit Ben-Aharon, Founder "Great Speech"


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