Below you'll find several video tutorials with tips YOU can use to become a better communicator, public speaker and on camera performer. With these tips, you can grow your brand and business and establish a unique, dynamic and powerful presence. 

Make your presentation Relevant

It's not enough to have compelling content. You need to make it relevant to your audience. 


If you talk too fast (which is really common) here's how to address it and SLOW DOWN 

ditch those dreaded verbal crutches

Here's how to finally get those dreaded verbal crutches like "um," "like," and "you know" out of your system, once and for all! 

Video Conference like a boss

If you use video conferencing for business meetings or job interviews, here are three ways to look more poised, professional and powerful. 

how to network like a boss

Networking isn't easy, but if you have to do it (and most of us do) you might as well be GREAT at it! Here are three communications tips on how to network better.  

progress, not perfection

This week’s tip is one of my favorite sayings: PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION. When giving a speech, or appearing on camera, focus on getting better every time, and stay positive! Don’t beat yourself up for inconsequential mistakes!  

Just Like Dating: Personality Over Looks

If you want to be on-camera, or be a public speaker, but you're consumed with your physical appearance, GET OVER IT! Here's what's way more important than looking like a model:  

How To Properly Read A Teleprompter

If you are giving a speech, shooting a web video, hosting a TV show, or speaking on a panel, you may have to read a TelePrompTer. Here's what you MUST do to succeed when reading a prompter. 

HOw To Answer A "Gotcha" Question

When being interviewed on camera, you may get a question you don't want to answer. Here's why “no comment” is the WORST comment and what you should say instead.  

Why you must start a speech strong

When giving a speech, it is crucial to grab your audience’s interest right away! Here are some great ways to do it. 

When Being Interviewed, Call The Host By Name

It's a small gesture, but it does SO MUCH to set the tone for a great interview. Here's how calling the host by name can get the audience on your side!

Turn Interviews Into Conversations

Today’s Tip is for hosts AND guests: make your interviews feel like conversations. Plenty of back & forth. Keeps both of you engaged AND your audience engaged!  

Give a great wedding speech

We’ve all seen wedding speeches bomb, here’s how to CRUSH yours and be the hit of the party. One of my tips: stay sober! 

Embracing Your You-Ness

When giving a speech or appearing on camera, deliver the message BUT don't lose your voice & personality!! That's what makes you stand out.

Three Tips For An Outstanding Elevator Pitch

Here are three ways to deliver a compelling elevator pitch that separates you from your competitors and helps you grow your business.


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