Below you'll find several broadcasting tutorials with on camera training tips YOU can use to become a better television host or video blogger and establish a more powerful presence. You'll also see how Dave interacts with guests during segments to make them feel comfortable and you'll learn how you can do the same!

Things Anchors Say That Drive Me Nuts

This  coaching tip is more of an opinion. It’s three things hosts and anchors say that really get under my skin! How do you feel about these expressions? Do you agree or disagree, and are there any I’m missing? 

Why you must start a speech strong

When giving a speech, it is crucial to grab your audience’s interest right away! Here are some great ways to do it. 

When Being Interviewed, Call The Host By Name

It's a small gesture, but it does SO MUCH to set the tone for a great interview. Here's how calling the host by name can get the audience on your side!

Why you need a media coach

Media Coaching isn't just for those of you who want to be on TV! Sure I can help you with that, but you can also benefit from a media coach if you want to: give a speech, be part of a panel discussion, nail your job interview, be better in social situations or just feel more self confident. If any of that interests you, let’s work together! 

Turn Interviews Into Conversations

Today’s Tip is for hosts AND guests: make your interviews feel like conversations. Plenty of back & forth. Keeps both of you engaged AND your audience engaged!  

Stay Focused and avoid distractions

You're giving a speech, it's going great, but you scan the crowd and see one person on their phone, texting away. How annoying! Here's how to handle that situation, stay focused and deliver an outstanding speech.  

Give a great wedding speech

We’ve all seen wedding speeches bomb, here’s how to CRUSH yours and be the hit of the party. One of my tips: stay sober! 

Embracing Your You-Ness

When giving a speech or appearing on camera, deliver the message BUT don't lose your voice & personality!! That's what makes you stand out.

How To Stop Overtalking

Overtalking when being interviewed or giving a speech is a common problem and can mess with your head and sabotage your performance. Watch this video for a tip on how to say more while speaking less!

Three Tips to Having Great Content

Content is king! Set yourself up as an expert, find your differentiator and hone in on specifically who your audience is. Those three things will help you create dynamic, compelling, useful content.

Three Tips For An Outstanding Elevator Pitch

Here are three ways to deliver a compelling elevator pitch that separates you from your competitors and helps you grow your business.

Building Your Demo Reel

Here are three tips on how to build an awesome demo reel. Follow these steps to demo reel greatness.

THe Power of the pause

Do you talk TOO fast when giving a speech or appearing on TV? Here are some reasons you MUST embrace "The Power of The Pause".

Don't Fight Your Nerves, Use Them!

If you are relatively new at broadcasting or public speaking there is no way you aren't going to be nervous. In fact, even if you've done it for years you may still be nervous. Here are some ways to turn those nerves into POSITIVE ENERGY!

Ask Clever And Original Questions

When you interview celebrities, they've been asked almost every question in the book, so your goal is to be original. The celebs love this and the audience will love it as well. And it sets you apart from most other interviewers who have their heads buried in their note cards. In this clip, Dave plays off the wish-granted premise of "I Feel Pretty" to ask Amy Schumer and Rory Scovel a funny wish-related question. Their answers are great! 

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